Spring Photography Practice

What a beautiful day.  Perfect light for taking photographs…at least I thought so, but what do I know.  My goal was to continue getting familiar with my camera.  I used auto and macro for all the pictures.  I also fiddled with the telephoto.  And yes ‘fiddled’ is a technical photography term.

I started with some backyard pictures of my flowers and my favorite subject, Kinley.  Later Kinley and I combined a walk and photography session.  He was such a trooper.  Every time I wanted to take a picture I set his leash on the ground and he just stayed there waiting for me.  We ended with some pictures of Kinley playing with the neighborhood kids.

I was trying to capture spring springing, hence the picture of the pink flowers and bare branches.  I tried to get some trees budding, but they were way less than stellar.  I also found that a lot of my pictures of Kinley in the sun get washed out because of his white fur.  I’m going to ask the instructor for suggestions in class this week.

Here is a link to the pictures I took today.  Feel free to comment…I need all the advice and help I can get.

Spring Photography Practice (April 17, 2011)

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