Signs of Belize

I’m intrigued and entertained by signs when I travel.  Here are a few that I happened across in Belize.

Police Warning
Seen on the side of the Caye Caulker police department. It clearly only registers with some of the visitors and locals.
Sobre Las Olas
We spent too much time at Ola’s drinking Kahlua and Baileys Coladas. I’m pretty sure I went without shoes at least once.
Go Slow
The “go slow” motto is not just for the tourists. It’s a way of life on Caye Caulker.
No Credit
This place has the best fry jacks and their cheap enough you won’t need any credit.
Go Slow Cemetery
I think this sign pretty much sums up Caye Caulker…small, relaxed, and funny.
You Better Belize It
Ok…I don’t know what this means, but I still like it.
Mind Your Head
This was at the top of the stairs on the ferry. For some reason I’ve never seen it stated this way in the US.
19 Days
A resort on Ambergris Caye burnt down and they were trying to rebuild it before the holiday rush. Looked like they were making great progress.
Yep…Tobacco Caye is one of the many paradises in Belize.

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