San Ignacio – December 5, 2010

I left day 5 of my trip unplanned.  I knew I would need a break to rest my knee after the hiking, swimming, and caving I did the previous day.

My first course of action was to track down someone at Midas to do my laundry and get my shoes dry.  I hung my wet clothes to dry the night before, but no surprise…the humidity of the jungle didn’t help at all.  The gals that worked at Midas took care of me.  The shoes were the hard part…they finally decided the best way to get them dry was to put them behind the refrigerator in their kitchen.  I didn’t care how they got dry; I just knew I needed them the next day.

After that was worked out, I headed to the main part of town.  San Ignacio was really dead.  I suspect most of the tourist were on tours and I was there a bit earlier than the regular tourist season too.

I stopped at Flayvas for a glass of orange juice and was very entertained by an argument between the owner of Flayvas and the owner of Maya Walks Tours.  They are right across the street from each other and the argument was basically in the middle of the street.  At one point the police even showed up, but basically they didn’t do anything but talk to the two guys.  They were speaking Creole, so I didn’t understand much.  I really love the Creole dialect because you can’t really tell if they are mad or not by the words since Creole just rolls off their tongues, but you can pick up some of what they are saying if you listen carefully.  It’s usually the hand waving that lets you know whether it’s an argument or just an energetic conversation.

The owner of Flayvas (a raga-looking fellow with dreadlocks) kept telling the owner of Maya Walks that he was ‘full to the end’.  I could kind of guess what it meant, but during the argument Jamal from Pacz Tours walked by and told me to stop by in a bit and he’d fill me in on what the argument was about.  I really felt like I belonged since I got to witness such a ‘local’ thing.

I sat in the chairs outside of Pacz Tours with Bob and Jamal for quite a while.  Jamal explained that the owner of Maya Walks doesn’t really like anyone and is constantly arguing with someone.  Jamal also told me that ‘full to the end’ means ‘you are an idiot from beginning to end’.  I love this statement and can’t wait to use it sometime.

I walked around town a bit more and ended up running into Laura and Ashley who I met on the ATM tour.  I chatted with them a bit and found out they were headed home later that day.

I headed back to Midas and made a brief stop at the market to get some sunflower seeds.  When I got back, I IM’d with Mom for a bit and hung out at Midas.  After a while and about the time boredom was starting to set in, I decided to walk back into town and get some lunch at Mr Greedys.  While at lunch I witnessed a horrific scene (see my blog post about dogs in San Ignacio).

Again I headed back to Midas in hopes of an afternoon nap, but I couldn’t sleep so I read instead.

Later that day ended with dinner at my go-to place, Hodes, IM’ing with Mom, reading, and to bed early.

View of San Ignacio

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