Road Trip to Colorado

I can hardly call my drive between Washington and Colorado a road trip.  The total trip was about 24 hours of driving (including short breaks along the way) and was 1147.6 miles.  Along the way there were a few highlights.

Wednesday, November 24th…I crossed the 45th parallel sometime between 7pm and 830pm.  About 930pm PST I crossed into the Mountain Time zone.  During the evening the coldest temperature hit -8 degrees in Baker City, Oregon.  My original plan was to stop in Baker City for the evening, but I was feeling pretty good so I kept going until I hit a rest stop East of Boise, ID.  When I went to bed it was 9 degrees, but when I woke up the next morning it had dropped to 4 degrees.  Thank goodness for a car that auto-starts.  I started the car while I was still in my sleeping bag.

Thursday, November 25th – Thanksgiving…I stopped at my usual stop along the route at Mountain Home, ID.  There is a Wal-mart right next to the freeway so it’s an easy place to stop.  I tried to get gas here, but after 12 minutes of pumping I only had about 4 gallons.  The temperature was just too cold.  I arrived at my Grandparents house around 6pm.  Grandma and Grandpa Cook along with my parents were waiting for me.  When I arrived, there was a buck and a doe in their yard.  What a great way to be welcomed to Meeker, CO.  The cold temp for the day was -11 degrees in Idaho.

The first course of action on Friday, November 26th was to get my car washed.  It’s amazing how dirty the car and bike got.  To dry it off Dad and I went for a drive.  Our drive was cut short because of some sheep that were being herded up the highway…only in Meeker.  Later that afternoon, we headed over to visit Frank and Sheila, then Mom, Dad, and I went to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant.

Saturday, November 27th Grandma, Mom, and I went to Craig, CO.  When we got back to Meeker Mom and I decorated Grandma and Grandpa’s fence for Christmas.  For dinner that night we went to cousin Deanna’s for turkey enchiladas.

My last day in Meeker was Sunday, November 28th.  It was a quiet and relaxing day.  Katie stopped by to say ‘hi’ before she headed back to Grand Junction.  We then put Christmas bells on Grandma and Grandpa Keller’s graves.  I didn’t really get to know my Grandma, but I desperately miss my Grandpa.  We ended the day by visiting Jan, Kent, and Ruth.

It was a short visit to Colorado, but it was just the right amount of time to spend there.

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