Planning the Next Big Adventure(s)

I’m trying to sort through all my options for trips this coming year.  I have so many ideas floating around.  A couple of them are firming up.

First the easy one…My sister and I are going to Orlando to celebrate her 40th birthday.  Five days of fun.  So far we have tickets to Universal Studios and we’ll likely hit Disneyland for a day too.  Maybe we’ll even sneak off to a beach for a day.

The next one requires more planning…Originally I was thinking of just going to London in the June/July timeframe.  After doing some research I’m thinking about extending it to include Paris and Edinburgh.  I don’t have any details worked out yet.  I’m waiting to see if the airfares will drop.  Here is a list of places I’m thinking about visiting:

  1. London (Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and House of Parliament, London Bridge, Tower of London, London Eye, British Museum, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral)
  2. Salisbury (Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral)
  3. Windsor (Windsor Castle, St George’s Chapel, Jubilee Gardens, Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House)
  4. Canterbury (Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine’s Abbey, Museum of Canterbury, Canterbury Roman Museum)
  5. Paris (Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Norte Dame, Louvre)
  6. Edinburgh (Edinburgh Castle)
  7. Loch Ness
  8. Aberdeenshire (Crathes Castle, Lots of other Castles)

It’s just a list…I’ll probably skip some things and add others.  I’m thinking two weeks is all I’ll be able to get off work, so that will likely limit what I have time to do.  Definitely London, Salisbury, and Paris are must sees; the rest will depend on a lot of factors.

Other ideas for the year include Washington DC and either Peru to visit Machu Picchu or Mexico to visit Tulum and Chichen Itza.  I’ll try to get in a visit to see Mom and Dad too.

So many places to see and things to do…so little time to see and do them all.

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