September 2012 Photos of the Week

Week #39

I had a great idea for this week’s photos. My great idea didn’t really work out and I’m going to blame getting up at 5:00 am on a Sunday. After waking up so early and getting out of the house by 6:00 am, I headed to Everett. My goal was photos of the moon setting. It was set to be perfect circumstances. The sun was to rise about 50 minutes before the moon set, producing enough day light to get decent photos. However, I left the house without my spare camera battery and didn’t think of charging the one in my camera after a photo outing yesterday. Another lesson learned. In an attempt of saving the outing, I used my cell phone camera. Needless to say, the moon photos didn’t work at all but I did capture an ok sunrise photos on my way home.

Sunrise in Everett

Week #38

I knew it would happen…and it has. Taking and posting photos every single week hit an all-time low for me this past week. I just couldn’t get inspired AT ALL. There have been a couple of weeks where cell phone photos were the best I could do, but this week…UGH! I did take some photos, but I’m not impressed at all. I just didn’t put my heart into any of them. First, I attempted some moon shots. The moon was absolutely amazing on the 22nd. I loved the bright orange color. Well, as you can see the photos…not so amazing! Then the next evening, I walked out my front door and saw the sun setting and shining through a tree. Again…amazing. And, again…the photos not so much. Oh well…there is always week #39.


Week #37

Coming back from vacation, I really didn’t think much about taking photos this week. Besides, how could I have outdone the photos I’ve taken over the last few weeks? However, my TV watching was rudely interrupted by this guy’s squawking. He was so loud.

Loud BirdLoud Bird

Week #36

This week’s photos are of the colorful people of Cuzco, Peru.



Week #35

After snorkeling at Shark Alley near San Cristobal, our Intrepid tour of the Galapagos took us to a beach for some relaxation and lunch. In reality…we needed to warm up after the chilling snorkeling we’d just done. These curious little finches were not afraid at all. This guy walked right up to me and I actually backed away as I took the photos. It’s so unexpected for a bird, especially a small one like this, to be so friendly.

Yellow FinchYellow Finch

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