November 2012 Photos of the Week

Week #47

Being on crutches has really gotten in the way of photography outings, but this weekend I took the dogs and we headed out around town. We went in search of scenes that could be photographed from the comfort of the car. Here are three photos I liked out of the batch.

These photos capture post-fall in Western Washington. No more leaves, but still some color.

Monroe Farm

River Reflection

River Reflection Close-up

Week #45 and 46

I’ve been absent from here lately…

On November 5th, I had my sixth knee surgery (the third in the last three years). It’s consumed my life. The recovery gets harder every single time. I will be non-weight bearing for 6-8 weeks. A couple of days before my surgery I also found out that my dog (whose not even two years old yet) needs his second knee surgery. I guess we just can’t get enough.

So, that’s my excuse.

Needless to say, photography hasn’t been high on my list of things to do. Basic needs have to be met. However, I did take some photos of my recovery process. WARNING: Some of the images might be a bit graphic (the worse shows my incisions stapled closed).

Immobilizing BraceStaples

Staples Out

Hinged Brace


Week #44


I’ve been planning on taking my dad to the Lemay Auto Museum in Tacoma every since I found out that they were building a new facility. We learned while we were there that it’s the largest auto museum in North America…four full floors of some of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen. Rather than sharing photos of the cars, I choose close-up photos of some of my favorite details.

Note: I forgot my camera at home, so these were taken with my cell phone.

Lemay Auto Museum - Auto Grill Lemay Auto Museum - Auto Grill Lemay Auto Museum - Auto Grill Lemay Auto Museum - Tail Light

Lemay Auto Museum - Car
Lemay Auto Museum - Bel Air
Lemay Auto Museum - Car
Lemay Auto Museum - Lincoln

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