May 2012 Photos of the Week

Week #22

When I decided to take and post photos every week this year, I intentionally didn’t set any rules. I never said I’d only pick my best photos. Instead I have focused on my favorites or even most interesting. This week I definitely choose photos I thought were interesting because of the story they tell.

To say the Wrangell Narrows near Petersburg, Alaska are narrow is a major understatement. Large cruise ships can’t even travel the narrows because of the narrow passage and the shallow water. In fact, they have to traverse open water to get around this area. Even the Alaska Marine Highway System (Alaska Ferry) has to travel at specific times based on the tides. Wikipedia has a great explanation of the Wrangell Narrows.

The first photo shows how close we came to a mini island/rock. The second photo was taken from inside so I could show how close the buoys were on each side. Notice also that they place a watchman on the bow to keep an eye on things. As I mentioned, I loved Petersburg and the likely reason it remains so beautiful is the large cruise ships can’t make it through the narrows.

Wrangell NarrowsWrangell Narrows Markers

Week #21

I loved the blue sky, white clouds, and green trees along the Parks Highway on my way from Denali National Park and Preserve and Fairbanks.

Bly Sky and Green TreesBlue Sky, Clouds, and Green Trees

Week #20

I’ve already posted some of my vacation photos, so I’ve included links.

Bears Taking Over the Alaska-Canada Highway

Sunshine and Ice

Majestic Bald Eagles

I spent the first week of my trip mostly with my family to celebrate my sister’s twin boys graduation from high school. While this blog is mostly about travel, my family is important to me. First, a cute photos of my dogs (aka my co-pilots). Then, a photo of my sister and her new graduates.

My Co-PilotsCaleb, Nan, and Cory at Graduation

Week #19

I’m a bit behind getting my weekly photos posted. I posted a lot of photos from my trip on the Alaska Marine Highway System, but here are a few more and links to the ones that I’ve already posted.

Checking in from Ketchikan Alaska

Finally…I’ve Seen Orcas in the Wild

I had No Idea Petersburg, Alaska was so Incredibly Beautiful

The Alaska State Flag – I’ve missed the “eight stars of gold on a field of blue”. And, a photo of Ketchikan.

AMHS Terminal - Bellingham - Alaska FlagAMHS - Columbia - Landscape Near Ketchikan

Week #18

The big news this weekend was the Super Moon. Well, the Super Moon wasn’t so super. It was beautiful, but because it was so dark the photos were not worthy. It’s a shame the sunset before the moon rose, otherwise I could have gotten some excellent photos. Luckily I snapped a couple of other photos that turned out decent. The first photo was taken right before the moon peaked above the trees. The second one was taken while waiting for the moon to rise. Both photos were taken at Bob Herman Wildlife Preserve.

Pre Moonrise at Bob Herman Wildlife PreserveNight Photo of Tree at Bob Herman Wildlife Preserve

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