March 2012 Photos of the Week

Week #13

Cemetery near Franklin Ghost Town in Western Washington. The plan for the day was a hike to Franklin Ghost Town, but a gear issue forced a change in those plans. I still thoroughly enjoyed taking photos in the cemetery. The graves were dated from the 1800s to 2007. Amazing!

Fence PostJohn Bleskaitis (1875 - 1907)M Kelly

Week #12

During our latest attempt to capture a beautiful sunrise (which never really materialized), one of my friends wanted to show us a good location (Shadow Lake) to shoot geese in the future. We didn’t stay long and didn’t even take our tripods out of the car. I snapped a couple of photos just because my camera was in my hand just itching to be used. I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked the photos once I got home and looked at them on the computer. I love “happy accidents”.

By the way, I’m also proud to say these have not been edited at all. Maybe they could use a bit of touch-up, but I kind of like them just the way they are.

Lake Near SnohomishLake Near Snohomish

Week #11

I’m sharing my family with everyone as my photos of the week. Kinley (named after Mt McKinley) is the white boy and Aker (named after Mt Foraker) is the black and white boy. I love these guys!


Week #10

We attempted to get some photos near the Port of Everett today. I don’t know if it was the lighting conditions or my total lack of inspiration, but I just couldn’t get a photo that I liked. Just as we were leaving I saw the wind whipping this flag around…finally…I was inspired by something.

Flag in EverettFlag in Everett

Week #9

A tour of Skagit County in search of snow geese brought other great surprises like this blue heron and bald eagle. Not to mention this decrepit building hiding just under a highway bridge.

DSC_5262 Crop Smart Fix Reduced ResBald Eagle Near Edison,. WashingtonOld Building Near Stanwood, Washington

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