July 2012 Photos of the Week

Weeks #29 and 30

I’m combining the last two weeks to spare you all from boredom. The last several weeks I’ve been consumed with nursing my little Aker boy. He had knee surgery. The first two weeks he was in cast, which I thought would be the worse. Turns out that the weeks since the cast was removed have been worse. Can you imagine holding back a dog that thinks he’s fine? Especially one that is also on pain meds, so whatever pain he does have is countered by the meds. Needless to say, I’ve taken a few photos of him…and one with him, Kinley, and their new friend.

Aker and His CastAker and His Cast/BootieThe Boys and Their Friend

Week #28

In honor of summer I thought I would share some photos of the flowers growing in my yard. Luckily none of them require much care because I definitely don’t have a green thumb.

Flowers (Butterfly Bush, Daisy, Day Lily, Hydrangea, Periwinkle, and a couple others)

Butterfly BushDaisyDay LilyHydrangeaLavenderPeriwinklePink FlowerPurple Flower

Vegetable (Onion Gone to Seed)

Onion Flower

Weeds (Still Pretty)

CloverWeedWild Sweet Pea

Week #27

Tern Lake is located at the intersection of the Sterling and Seward highways in Alaska. Every time I pass this lake I really enjoy how beautiful it is. I took these photos on July 3rd. It wasn’t a particularly great day, but none the less Tern Lake did not disappoint.

Tern LakeTern Lake

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