August 2012 Photos of the Week

Week #34

As part of touring Quito, Ecuador we found Basilica del Voto Nacional (or Basilica of the National Vow).  It was architecturally one of my favorite buildings.  Climbing the towers gave an amazing view of the steeples and the City of Quito.

BasilicaView from Basilica TowerBasicilaBasicila

Week #33

Today a friend and I hiked to Barclay Lake. It’s one of my favorite hikes, but I was pretty disappointed by the amount of fog. I still got a few photos, but these fungi were my favorites.

FungusFungus and Dew

Week #32

If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you know I’m often chasing the sun…either as it rises or as it sets. Today I took the boys to Lake Tye. I know that the first photo isn’t “technically” good, but I still really like it. I like the cloudy old-time feel of it. I also wanted to use my remote to catch a silhouette photo of my boys and me. It didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted, but I still like it.

Pre SunsetThe Boys and I Walking Into the SunsetSunset and Reeds

Weeks #31

I had the privilege of watching this momma and her babies swim up to and then get on the log. Soooo cute!

Momma and Babies

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