April 2012 Photos of the Week

Week #17

I just got back from a whirlwind weekend trip to Portland. While there I visited the Japanese Garden. Here are a couple of my favorite shots.

Stone Figure in Japanese GardenWaterfall at Japanese Garden

Week #16

Last week I saw a photo of downtown Seattle that really caught my eye. Lucky for me the person who took it was willing to share the location of the shot. These photos were taken from Kerry Park in the Queen Anne neighborhood. The evening was pretty hazy so I had to adjust these photos a bit. I’m still not comfortable with photo editing, but I did like the adjusted photos much better than the originals. And, overall I thought the adjustments were slight enough that they didn’t change the photos too much.

Note: I’ve decided to start posting these photos directly into Word Press as opposed to posting them on Flickr and linking them. Hopefully this will make commenting on my photos a bit easier.

Seattle's Space NeedleSeattle's Space NeedleSeattle's Space Needle

Week #15

I attempted to catch the sunrise in Snohomish again this weekend to no avail. The fog stood in my way again. This will probably be the last attempt until we starting “loosing” time again. Getting up so early on a Saturday is killing me. Even though the mysterious sun stayed hidden, I did manage to capture a couple of fun photos to share.

Foggy RoadStump in the FogRose with Spider Web

Week #14

Saturday we planned on catching the sunrise in Snohomish. The fog did everything it could do to squash our attempts. We were undaunted and just kept at it. As I’ve mentioned before, chasing the sun is a bit of a hobby of mine.

Snohomish Sunrise and FogSnohomish Sunrise and FogSnohomish Sunrise and FogTrees and Fog

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