2012 Photos of the Week

For 2012, in an attempt to focus on my photography (and hopefully get better), I will be taking pictures every single week and picking a few of my favorites.  Comments are always welcome.


Week #48, #49, and #50



Having knee surgery and being stuck on crutches since November 5th has really hampered my weekly photo posts. I have photos to share, but they are not great at all. Still I want to end 2012 by not missing a single week, so I’m posting the last three weeks any way.

Week #50

This week is actually a video of Kinley playing with is FAVORITE toy…an empty soda bottle. Seriously, they have drug every single other toy outside but for some reason he leaves this empty bottle inside and plays with it all of the time. He’ll even play catch.

Kinley Playing (taken with cell phone)

Week #49

I actually made an effort this week and got out my DSLR. I was still restricted to photos I could take out the window of my car. I took this one in attempt to capture the snow on the hill.Sultan

Week #48

Lastly, I can’t post a video of Kinley without giving equal respect to Aker. He LOVES this body pillow and it’s basically become his. Taken with my cell phone.

Aker and His Body Pillow


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