Photography Practice at the Arboretum

Wow…there is so much to learn about a digital SLR camera.  This first photo shoot was about getting comfortable with my camera.  Thank goodness SLRs still have ‘Auto’ mode.  I learned real quick that all these years of auto-focus is going to hold me back.  I need to work on focusing in a controlled atmosphere at home.

I found and used the ‘Burst’ mode…I love, love, love it.  I got some pretty darn cool mallard pictures using it.  I also got some practice taking pictures of my friend Shelly.  Every type of picture requires such different settings and composition.  Lots to learn.

Over-all the day was pretty gray, but still we had fun.  And, even though I’m more comfortable with my camera I still have a ton to learn.  It’s going to take quite a while.

Pictures taken 2/13 at Washington Park Arboretum.

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