Penguin Encounters

The Galapagos penguins are the second smallest penguins in the world.  For some reason I was certain I wouldn’t see any on this trip.  I figured they would be very elusive.  Luckily I saw them three times; all three times were off the shores of Isabela.  The first time they were swimming as our boat anchored, the second was during a kayak trip around the bay, and the third was from a boat tour around the bay.

I LOVED them.

Intrepid Travel has not let me down once on this trip.  I’ve seen pretty much every single animal I thought I might see and more.

Swimming Penguins

Swimming Penguins

Penguin Duo

Duo of Penguins

Penguin Group

They blend so well with the volcanic rocks.  How many can you find?

Group of Penguins

I see nine full penguins and the behind of a 10th one.  Let me know if you see more than that.

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