Packing for Belize

We’ll only be gone for 11 days total (including travel time), but still my career as a project manager has me planning every single thing…including our packing list.  I travel alone quite a bit, but one of the things I like most about travelling with someone else is that you don’t have to bring everything.  I created a detailed packing list and divvied up the items so that my Mom and I wouldn’t end up bringing duplicates of things we’ll both need.

My Tropical Packing List

Below I’ve documented why I bring some of the items you might think….hmm…why would she bring that.

Passport – Why bring an extra photocopy?  I leave the copy in my hotel room and bring my passport as identification.  Or, you can take your driver’s license and the copy.  Just keep the copy and your original separate in case you lose the original.  I don’t know for a fact, because I’ve never lost mine, but I’m assuming it will be much easier to work with the Embassy if you have a copy.

Alarm Clock – I don’t travel with one in the US because I just use my cell phone, but I don’t get international coverage on my cell phone when I travel (or at least I haven’t so far).  So, this comes in handy if you need to wake up early for a tour.

Cameras – Why bring two?  First, this is a tropical vacation packing list and I will want to take pictures underwater.  However, I would always bring two because I won’t use my nice Nikon if it’s raining.  It’s too expensive to risk it.

iPad/Laptop – I usually only travel with my iPad.  However, I’m considering bringing my laptop this time.  I think keeping up on my blog updates will be challenging on my iPad.

Clothes – In general, I recommend bringing less than you think you’ll need.  I always end up bringing way more than I wear, but at least I’m prepared.  This time, I’m trying to cut back and may even cut back further than indicated in the packing list.

Long Sleeve Shirt – Especially necessary if you are going someplace that has bugs at night (i.e. Belize).  Also handy if you get a little too much sun.  Just make sure it’s lightweight.

Swimsuits – Why two?  Humidity can be high sometimes and it sucks to put on a wet swimsuit if you want to swim two days in a row.  You can definitely get by with one.

Shoes – They are so bulky…definitely don’t bring more than you need.  I go with lightweight hiking shoes so they are more versatile.  Also, wear your heaviest pair on travel days…if you can.

Baby Powder – Think humidity…do I really need to say anything else?

Hat – Most people use it for sun coverage…I use it if I don’t want to take a shower…just being honest.  If you are sensitive to sun, bring one that has fabric that covers the back of your neck.

Clorox Wipes – I don’t consider myself a germaphob (really a word?), however things like remote controls are bacterial nightmares.  Use them to wipe off anything people touch frequently, but housekeeping may not think to clean.  Also nice to have in your day pack just in case.

Emergency TP/Facial Tissue – Not all bathrooms have TP.  You’ll be sorry if you don’t have anything with you.

Clothes Pins – Think wet swimsuits and laundry day.  A lot of places (especially tropical locations) have clothes line, but I’ve found that clothes pins can sometimes get lost or removed.

Headlamp/Flashlight – Great for reading at night (headlamp).  Last time I traveled to Belize mine came in handy for walking to my cabana on an unlit path and also when the power went off (it happens more often than you think in smaller, less industrial countries).

Ziploc Bags – Who knows?  They have so many uses; just bring at least one large and a couple small.  I’ve used mine for things like clothes that don’t quite get dry before I need to pack-up to move on and for smaller objects that can sometimes get lost in luggage.  They are just a good idea.

If you have any questions about anything else I’m bringing let me know.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I actually realized after I posted this that I missed a few things…both the first aid kit and the waterproof bag made it down here with me thank goodness, but I will definitely add the swiss army knife the next time.