OMG I Ate Kina

For my friends at home…kina is sea urchin.

Part of our group went snorkeling and kina harvesting.  I had already snorkeled in Belize and will be snorkeling in Australia, so the very cold waters did not entice me.  Luckily my fellows travelers harvested A LOT of kina that day.

I’ve never wanted to eat kina…not even the day that I did it.  Peer pressure got to me and I even went first to get it over with.  I wasn’t as brave as some who did a kina shot (mix everything up inside and shoot it…ummm yuck).  I ate just the kina roe.  First I ate it alone and then with a cracker.  It wasn’t bad.  Mostly the flavor was salty.  I can’t understand why some people will pay hundreds of dollars for it.  I likely won’t try it again, but I’m glad I did it.

Kina Harvest Team
Our Kina Harvest Team
Kina Harvest
The Kina Harvest
Inside a Kina
Inside a Kina (I only ate the orange roe)
Me and Isabel
Me and Isabel Eating Kina for the First time
Kina on a Cracker
My Second Serving of Kina on a Cracker
Getting Reading to Eat Kina
Getting Reading to Eat Kina

3 thoughts on “OMG I Ate Kina

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  2. Hey! You look great! I see my bracelet. 🙂 kina looks and sounds disgusting! then again…i ate chicken feet…ick.

  3. Glad you are being brave and trying it I know you like to try new things when you are in another country. I am really proud of you, glad you are having a good time.