Nothing Screams Earth Week like Taxidermy

Actually taxidermy probably speaks anti Earth Week, but let me explain.

Wednesday night I signed in to Twitter and found out that the #FriFotos theme was Earth Week, which starts Sunday.  I was stumped.  A few thoughts crossed my mind, but nothing excited me.  I thought about taking photos of an old globe I had, but even that sounded boring.


Thursday arrived and I was reminded that the new Cabela’s in Marysville, Washington opened.  I got home from work, rounded up my parents (who were visiting at the time), and we headed north.

I love Cabelas.  And, Cabela’s isn’t complete without taxidermy.  I only had the camera on my phone and the lighting was horrible, but I still managed to capture a few photos.

Grizzly and Black BearsCougarCaribou

Polar Bear and Dull SheepElkMoose and Wolverine

Musk OxMore Caribou


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