Not Just an Average Water Taxi & a Hike Too

The day we visited Abel Tazman National Park our tour leader told us we’d be taking a water taxi to Anchorage and then hiking back to Marahau (about 12.5 kilometers).  It turned out that the water taxi was the highlight of my day.

We were being picked up at our accommodations before hitting the water and much to my surprise we were picked up in the water taxi as it was being towed by a tractor.  I’ve seen fishing boats in Ninilchik, Alaska launched via much larger tractors, but being loaded into a boat while it was still on the trailer was a new one to me.

Water TaxiViewA short ride in the back of the boat brought us to the beach where our skipper got into the boat with us as another skipper towed us out to the water and launched the water taxi.  We took off in the opposite direction of Anchorage and soon slowed so the skipper could show us some local birds.

CormorantAfter that we headed towards Anchorage, but soon slowed to watch a seal devour a squid.  I didn’t know that seals cannot bite through squid, so they shake if violently in the air until a piece tears loose.  Then they eat that piece before doing it again.  I had never seen a seal eat before and I found it very interesting.

Seal with Squid Seal with Squid Seal with SquidAfter disembarking the water taxi at Anchorage we began our hike.  The first hill was a struggle…not because it was difficult but my legs were still recovering from Tongariro.  Once they warmed up, it was a fairly easy hike through a mixture of lush greenery, wildlife, beautiful beaches, and sea life.

AnchorageView of AnchorageLush Greenery Waterfall Waterfall ViewBird

Dead Jelly Fish
A dead jelly fish…not sure I’d want to run into this guy alive.

I really enjoyed the quails we met along the way.

These two quails had about a dozen new chicks. The smallest I’ve ever seen…so cute.

Quail QuailAlso the ferns, which are by far the largest ferns I’ve ever seen.

Fern FernAnd, at the end I rewarded myself with an iced mocha which by the way they make with ice cream instead of ice here in New Zealand (I should mention this difference to my local Starbucks barista when I get home…so yummy).

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