Northwest Trek

I’ve written about Northwest Trek before.  It’s a great wildlife park in which the animals roam free (at least the herbivores and omnivores) and the humans are escorted through the park via a tram.  I much prefer this option over caged animals.

The land for Northwest Trek was donated by David and Connie Hellyer.  They specifically wanted it used as a wildlife preserve and even turned down offers from others to purchase it.  Northwest Trek focuses on conservation, restoration, and animal rehabilitation.

There are a mated pair of trumpeter swans in the park who can’t fly.  They are allowed to live in peace at Northwest Trek and even recently had babies (cygnets).  The unfortunate part is that swans learn to fly from their parents, so the babies had to be removed and placed with parents that could teach them that vital life lesson.

In addition to the tram that takes visitors through the herbivores and omnivores, there are walking trails through the carnivores.  And, within the last couple of years a zip line and rope challenge course has been added (the main reason we were there last weekend).

Northwest Trek is my favorite wildlife park.  Here are a few of photos.

Big Horn Sheep Bison Black Tail Deer Bull Elk Bull MooseThis was the first time I used my new camera (more on that later).  I’m hoping to get enough practice with it before my big trip.

Note:  All the photos on this site are posted as low resolution images.  Higher resolution images are available upon request.

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