Narita Airport in Tokyo

I complained A LOT about the Los Angeles International Airport on Facebook.  I couldn’t check in until three hours before my flight and there was nearly nothing to do until I passed through security (I think this is partly due to construction).  In addition to there being nothing to do, there was hardly any seating for those of us waiting to check-in.  As the evening went on they started removing the seating that was there.  I was so annoyed by the time I checked in.

NaritaTwelve and a half hours later I arrived in Tokyo.  As I mentioned on Facebook it wasn’t until a day or so before my flight that I discovered I would be flying into Haneda International Airport and flying out of Narita International Airport.  I was amazed how quickly I got through immigration and customs.

A bathroom stop at Haneda made me chuckle.  They had so many toilet options…from a simple squat toilet to a toilet with so many buttons I was afraid to push any of them.


Squat Toilet


Fancy ToiletAfter my bathroom break I quickly tracked down currency exchange and the bus to Narita.  I thought it might be complicated to navigate in a country in which I didn’t even recognize the letters, but it wasn’t difficult at all.  I didn’t see much of Tokyo from the bus, but I was graced with a beautiful sunrise (this photo obviously doesn’t do it any justice).

Tokyo SunriseBased on my experience in Los Angeles, I was worried about how I might spend twelve hours at Narita.  My worry was for nothing, Narita is an excellent airport with plenty of options for those stuck waiting to check-in for a flight.  Lots of shopping, dining, outdoor areas, water features, secluded corners, and even the best massage chair I’ve ever used (I’d love one for home).  I was able to watch a great tourist video on a huge screen and even the Christmas decorations were beautiful.

Christmas Tree More Christmas

Best Massage Chair Ever
Best Massage Chair Ever

Los Angeles International Airport could definitely take a lesson or two from Narita International Airport.

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I found the advertising interesting.  From cute to scary right across the aisle from each other.

Cute AdvertisingScary Sign

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  1. Narita is a great airport. The only real complaint I have with it is that it’s so far away from downtown Tokyo. If you have time, the narita-san temple is not to be missed.