Mother Nature Please Dismiss Winter

On Friday I took my dogs, Kinley and Aker, in for their spring haircuts.  Now just a few days later Mother Nature has decided that winter is not over yet.  I feel deflated by the sight of the one to two inches of snow in my backyard.  I wake up Kinley and Aker.  Even they don’t want to go outside.

Since moving to Western Washington just over 13 years ago, I’ve learned there is one thing you can count on when it comes to the weather; the meteorologists are almost always wrong.  According to them, it should be clearing up and getting warmer; instead the temperatures have fallen significantly and now we have snow.  Coincidentally, they are still predicting clearer and warmer temperatures for later this week.  We’ll see.

This chilly morning is making my mind drift to the tropical weather of Belize.  It’s days like today that make me wonder why I don’t move.

In early February my mom and I visited Belize.  Before we left, the forecast was calling for rain nearly every daSmithsonian Marine Research Center Near Tabacco Caye, Belizey.  I started the trip disappointed, but secretly hoped the rain would come as short tropical storms.  To my relief, what I had hoped for became reality.  In fact the weather was in our favor the entire time we were there.

A few days into our trip we visited the Mayan ruins of Caracol.  On our way there, the heavens opened up and drowned the road in front of us.  For those who haven’t been to Caracol the road is a bit of a bumpy adventure even without bad weather.  I’m always surprised the experienced guides make it there and back without getting stuck.  Once we arrived at Caracol the clouds disappeared and the sun shined brightly.  Even with clear skies and sunshine the temperatures were moderate.  As if the beautiful weather was just for us, within minutes of getting back in our vehicle for the return trip, the heavens opened up again.

Then there were the few days we spent in Hopkins.  We arrived on a Friday and decided to book a snorkeling trip, to the Belize Barrier Reef, for Sunday.  Our friends who had been in Hopkins for over a month were hoping for nice weather; even the locals were tired of the rain.  Saturday’s weather consisted of scattered sunshine and rain and the water was really rough from the storms, which had been moving in and out of the area.  In fact, that night there was an intense downpour.  I couldn’t help thinking that our snorkeling trip might get cancelled.  Imagine my pleasure when we woke up the next morning to crystal clear skies and perfectly calm waters.  I almost couldn’t believe it.  Once again the weather gods were watching over us.

After Hopkins our trip consisted of some evening downpours, but perfect days.  While on Caye Caulker, one evening’s downpour was so refreshing that we opened the door of our hotel room to enjoy the sounds and smells of the tropical rain.

Mother Nature seemed relaxed in Belize much the way I feel when I’m there.  I can’t help but wonder when Mother Nature will dismiss winter and let spring shine through here in Western Washington.

Kinley and AkerI hear Kinley barking at someone walking their dog.  A quick glance at the clock makes me realize I’m running late.  I hate it when I have to rush to get ready for work.  Once ready, I check on Kinley and Aker; they are on the couch snuggled up close to each other.  I have to make them go outside before I leave and I’m feeling pretty guilty about their short haircuts.  Thankfully they quickly take care of business and return to the comfort of the couch.  I’m off to fight the weather and traffic so I can make the money I’ll need for my next tropical vacation.

I’m so glad that I have the memories from Belize, but I’m still left wondering “Why do I stay here?  Why don’t I move somewhere warmer?”

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