Mother, Child, and Lamb – Cuzco, Peru Canvas Print For Sale

My photo show ended.  I’m so grateful for being given the opportunity to display some of my favorite photos.  Now I want to give some of you the opportunity to purchase a photo at a discount…and, a donation.

I will sell each photo at a 15% discount.  In addition to that I will donate another 15% to a 503B charity of your choice.  I’ve listed a couple of suggestions below that are close to my heart due to family history.

The Canvas

Each week I will put a new photo up for sale.  This week it’s a photo of a Mother, Child, and Lamb was taken in Cuzco, Peru.  The canvas print is 22 inches wide and 16 inches high (this is the canvas hanging on my wall…the actual image is below).

Peruvian Mother Child Lamb Canvas

Here is the breakdown of the sale price, discount, and donation.

  • Original Sale Price = $150
  • Discount = $22.50
  • Donation = $22.50

You can have this photo for $127.50 plus shipping and handling.  If you are interested and are unsure about the shipping and handling, email me at and I’ll send you a quote.

Photo of canvas, so you can see what the crop looks like when stretched/wrapped (for better quality of image see below).

Suggested Charities

About the Photo

While visiting Cuzco, Peru mothers walking around in traditional clothing with a child and a lamb was not uncommon.  I can’t say for certain, but it’s my understanding that they specifically do this for the tourists in hopes of making some money.  I was informed, by a tour guide, that I shouldn’t pay for a photo because it could lead to children being kept away from school in order to help their family with money.  I was frequently torn because I wanted a photo, yet I didn’t want to pay for it in case the tour guide was correct.  I happened upon this photo opportunity without being put into the position of being asked for any money.

Interesting enough, when I ventured further from Cuzco I noticed people carry lambs but not dressed traditionally and clearly not doing it for tourist entertainment.  I don’t know if it’s a tourist trap or not, but the photo tells a colorful story.

Mother Child Lamb at Cuzco Peru

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