Mixing it up in Tokyo (Food)

Yesterday I was stuck all day at the Narita Airport in Tokyo.  I had thought about doing a tour of the city or going to Disneyland, but frankly I was just too exhausted from spending 12 hours in the middle seat of economy class.  The only bonus was that long-haul flights have a slightly more roomy economy class.

I’ll write more about the Narita Airport in another post, but I wanted to share a couple of interesting food choices with you.

Before I get to my food…they had a Starbucks!!!  Their ice tea was slightly different, but I was so excited.

My first meal I decided to get a little brave.  I saw a lot of airport staff getting take-away from what looked like a convenience store.  So, I went in and ordered two things that looked harmless and not very adventurous for most (me…I can be kind of picky when it comes to food).  First was a bun with meat and cheese.  A bit of research has led me to believe it’s called a Nikuman.  Second was a carton labeled cheese.  I assumed, by it’s looks, that it was deep fried cheese and who doesn’t like deep fried cheese.  Turns out it had something else inside it and the batter had cheese in it.  I think it was chicken…if not, I might not want to know.

Nikuman and ???
Nikuman and ??? – I included close ups of the inside in case you were wondering.

My second meal of the day was…guess.

Easy and convenient.

I honestly didn’t want to eat McDonald’s while in Tokyo, but by the time I had hung out at the Narita Airport for over 12 hours, got checked in for my flight, and made it through security I just didn’t have the energy to think.  It was easy and convenient.

There you have it…I started out thinking I’d take advantage of interesting and different food, but ended the day going for convenience.

Note:  If my friends K or D read this, please don’t be disappointed in my choices.  I know you both love Japan and could probably think of a million other things I should have eaten instead.

2 thoughts on “Mixing it up in Tokyo (Food)

  1. As I recall, you always wanted to go to Donald Land whenever we turned on Northern Lights Blvd.

    • My mom put stuff from that McDonald’s in my baby book since it opened the year I was born. I guess she started me young.