Los Angeles Adventures

I mentioned that I would be traveling through Los Angeles on my upcoming trip.  I didn’t really want a long layover (over 24 hours) in Los Angeles, but it was the only way I could conveniently get from Belize to New Zealand.

I arrive in Los Angeles late on December 6th and leave really early December 8th.  Always the one that wants to get the most out of my adventures, I’ve come up with the start of a plan.

Where to Stay

I can’t see paying for a hotel that I will spend little time in, so I’m thinking I’ll find a nice quiet/safe corner and sleep at the airport.  The United Airlines Boardroom opens at 5:00am, so I’ll definitely transfer to it once it opens.  I know this is not ideal, but the time and energy I’d spend at a hotel does not seem worth it.

Where to Shower

The United Airlines Boardroom has showers!!!  Since I have a day pass, I’ll probably take a shower before my day adventures and before I get on my flight.  I had not idea that showers were offered.  What a great bonus for travelers.

Where to Go

During the day of the 7th, I want to do something fun.  I’m still open to suggestions, but one of the things I’ve never done before is visit Hollywood.  I’m wondering…is it worth it?  Are there studio tours that can be taken?  If you have comments about Hollywood or other suggestions, please leave me a comment.

As a backup plan, I’m thinking either Disney or Universal Studios.

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