Last Week of Lobster Season in Belize

I didn’t know how excited Mom was about the option of eating A LOT of lobster in Belize until we got here and every place we went she asked if they had lobster.  I had to explain to her that we needed to wait until we got to the coast.  Then we went to Tikal and found out from a fellow traveler that lobster season was ending very soon.  She thought within days and we were not going to be on the coast for several days.  Mom was not happy.  After a little research we found (luckily) that the season doesn’t close until mid-Feb…whew…disaster averted.

The Menu

It goes without saying we’ve eaten a few lobsters since getting to Caye Caulker and tonight was no different, especially since it was our last dinner in Belize.  We went to Rose’s Bar and Grill.  The menu was a table next to the grill.  We pointed at what we wanted and they grilled it up for us.  For Mom it was a medium size lobster and for me it was a small Hog Fish.  I didn’t know what I would be getting…white fish, dark fish?…but, the Hog Fish looked pretty (second fish from the lower right corner…orange and white).  Turns out Hog Fish is a white fish and is very mild and yummy (similar to and do I dare say almost better than Halibut…sorry all my fellow Alaskans).  For now Halibut will stay as my favorite fish since this was my first taste of Hog Fish, but it’s definitely in jeopardy of losing the top spot if I get the opportunity to eat more Hog Fish in the future.  With dinner we also got to pick two sides…Mom had steamed vegetables and garlic potatoes and I opted for just the potatoes.  Best darn garlic potatoes ever!  The third option was rice, but frankly we’ve eaten enough rice this trip.  (Stay tuned for a post about finding the best Stewed Chicken with Belizean Rice and Beans.)

Our Dinners

Yep…It Was Good

Tomorrow we reluctantly head home, but at least we tracked down lobster for my Mom (and me too) so she’ll go home a very happy gal.

2 thoughts on “Last Week of Lobster Season in Belize

    • The lobster was yummy. I might have to plan a return trip when lobster season reopens this summer.