Kite Boarding at Juanita Beach

This time of year Mother Nature is a bit bipolar in Western Washington.  Case in point…

Yesterday during the day we had some decent weather then around 8pm it tried to snow (we’ve yet to have any snow stick this winter).  Then this morning it was nice again and now it’s raining.

I had no idea what weather I’d encounter on my pre-sunset walk yesterday, but I got lucky.  To top off the decent weather I got to watch some kite boarding.  Yep…you heard me right…someone was kite boarding at Juanita Beach in Kirkland, Washington in March.  The temps were starting to dip towards the 30s, so it’s a good thing he was wearing a dry suit.

I want to try this, but I think I’ll wait until my trip to Belize.

I don’t take many photos of people, but I wanted to share these.

Happy Spring?!?!?

Kite Boarder #1 (low res) Kite Boarder #2 (low res) Kite Boarder #3 (low res) Kite Boarder #4 (low res)

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