Kenai Fjords Tour – Part 4

The highlight of both my tours was the sea life (and some wildlife too).

I saw so many Orcas that I got picky about which ones were worthy of photos.  I also saw several humpbacks, but the most interesting was a momma and baby who playfully breached, siphoned, and tail slapped right next to our boat (maybe it just seemed like it was right next to the boat…they were massive mammals) and other humpbacks who fluked.

Although the captain on my second trip said they hadn’t seen Orcas in four days, I wasn’t let down either tour.  Kenai Fjords National Park generally hosts two types of orcas.  Transient Orcas eat mammals and Resident Orcas eat fish.  However, on my second tour we got lucky.  Once a year Offshore Orcas show up in the Kenai Fjords National Park.  Turns out they like to harass and dine on the Pacific Sleeper Sharks in the area.  I even got the treat of watching the local research scientist photograph and document their annual appearance.  While tour boats have to keep their distance, the research vessel has special approval to get close.

Aside from the whales, I saw Dalls’ Porpoise, Steller Sea Lion, Sea Otter, Harbor Seal, Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Cormorant, Bald Eagle, Common Murre, Parakeet Auklet, Horned Puffin, and Tufted Puffin.  Already I’ve shared the glaciers and landscapes of the area.  I honestly believe a more reasonably priced tour cannot be found.  Where else can $164 get you all of that?

Sea Otter

Sea Otter

Steller Sea Lions

Steller Sea Lions

Steller Sea Lions

Humpback Whales

Baby Humpback Upclose

Baby Humpback UpcloseBaby Humpback Upclose

Baby Humpback Siphoning

Baby Humpback Tail SlapBaby Humpback Tail Slap

Humpback Fluke

Orca Whales


Offshore Orcas with Research BoatOffshore Orcas with Research Boat


Orca Family

Tufted Puffin

Tufted Puffin Taking Off

Tufted PuffinTufted Puffin

Bald Eagle

Bald EagleBald Eagle

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5 Replies to “Kenai Fjords Tour – Part 4”

  1. This is amazing! And it’s on my itinerary so I will definitely be seeing some of the same things. I really hope I have the chance to see some orcas.

  2. These pictures are great! I love the sea lions and can almost smell the cool salty air. Thank you for sharing this!

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