It’s Called a Snow Machine

I’ve mentioned many times on this site that I was born and raised in Alaska.  I’m quite proud of being an Alaska Girl.  I was also raised on snow machines and had no idea until I moved to Washington State that others called them snowmobiles.

I had a conversation with a friend in Washington one time that went something like this…

Her:  “if you call them snow machines, then what do you call the machines used by the ski resorts to make snow”

Me:  “we call those snow makers”

Her:  “what do you call the machines that remove snow from your driveway”

Me:  “we call those snow blowers”

No matter how many times my friends in Washington try to trip me up, I will never concede to calling them snowmobiles.  The crux of my unwillingness to divert from this lies in the fact that most of the friends who disagree have never even sat on one before.

The same friend who debated with me (above), stopped her “inquisition ” the moment I asked her how many times she had ridden a snow machine.  The answer…never!

I’m not saying that there are not people that live in Alaska who call them snowmobiles.  I am, however, doubting they have lived in Alaska their entire lives.

What do you call them?  Are you from Alaska?  If you call them snowmobiles and live in Alaska, how long have you lived there?

To my Alaska friends…PLEASE…back me up here.  🙂