Island and Cave Tour Near Hvar Croatia

I spent a couple of days in Hvar.  It’s quite a busy little island, considering I’d just left the quieter island of Korcula (which I’ll write about later).  On the second day, the group I was with decided to hire a boat and captain to take us around to some of the sea caves and islands.

The channels between the islands were a bit rough and caused some squeals and some folks got drenched in sea water and others got jostled around (I’m a bit sore still today).

Green Cave

Green Cave is named such because of the greenish tint of the water and rocks.  It’s part of the island of Vic (pronounced Niece with V).  Vis was a valuable military site during the Second World War and even after the war was used by the Yoguslav People’s Army as one of their main naval bases.  The Green Cave itself was useful for storing some of the military speed boats.  Now it’s a peaceful small cave that tourists visit on their way to the more popular Blue Cave.

Blue Cave

Blue Cave is on the island of Bisevo.  The sun shining outside the cave reflects up into the cave from under water giving it a very vibrant blue hue.  One thing I’ve noticed in Croatia is that it has the bluest water I’ve ever seen…and, the water is crystal clear as well.  To get into the Blue Cave, the boat captain had to drop us off to purchase tickets (40 Kuna…about $6US) and then we boarded a Port Authority boat while our captain and tour leader waited for us.  It’s only about 15-20 minutes.  The cave entrance is very small, so everyone must duck as the boat glides in.  Once inside the boat engine is turned off and the boat captain uses a stick to keep the boat moving forward and from hitting the sides of the cave.

Monk Seal Cave

Years ago a large colony of monk seals would migrate to this cave, but no longer.  They see very few monk seals in Croatia now.  We had an opportunity to swim in this cave and some in the group did…they called the water “refreshing”.

Islands and Cave

I took some video of the caves and the islands along the way.  Video is definitely not my strong suit, but I hope it gives you a feel for what we saw.  I’ll post some photos soon.

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