Gumboot Throwing & A Lovely Cafe

TaihapeWhen you are with a group of people 24/7 and have a day of driving ahead, you have to get a bit creative. Yesterday we stopped in Taihape for a gum boot throwing competition. For those at home gumboots are mud boots. The small town actually had a field set aside for this very thing. We didn’t have any gum boots handy, so we just threw what was on our feet. Those that were still wearing their hiking boots from the day before had a clear advantage over those of us with sandals. It was a nice little break and brought us a bunch of laughs. My sandal flew over the fence…oops.

Gumboot Throwing LaneThrowing SandalsThis small town also had my favorite cafe (Brown Sugar), so far, in New Zealand. I had an ice coffee, which was made with ice cream and not ice here, and a basil pesto cheese danish which tasted heavenly. Plus the shop was filled with all kinds of goodies, like a possum cardigan that I really wanted. I passed since the price was $249NZD. I’m going to keep my eye out for another one.

Brown Sugar Cafe

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