Fun with My New Flash

Last weekend I went a little crazy at the camera store.  I bought a 12-24mm lens, ND filter, polarizing filter, an underwater camera, and a external flash.  All stuff I’ve had on my wish list for a long time and I had finally saved enough to go shopping.

Tonight I tried out my  new flash.  It has a ton of features that I need to learn how to use, but even with the basic settings I have some great options.

I purposely didn’t edit these photos (other than cropping and reducing the size), so that the difference could be seen.  I LOVE my new flash and can’t wait to use it more.

Camera’s Internal Flash

Internal Flash

External Flash Directed at Aker

External Flash Directed at AkerExternal Flash Bounced off Ceiling

This is my favorite.  I like that he is evenly lit, bouncing the flash off the ceiling softened the flash.

External Flash Bounce Ceiling

External Flash Bounced off wall Aker’s Facing

I also really like this one because it looks like the light is coming from whatever he is looking at, which adds some interest to the photo.

External Flash Bounce Facing Wall

External Flash Directed behind Aker

While I don’t think this one works well in this setting, I can see how this type of lighting would be great for other settings.

External Flash From Behind

Information about the Flash

I bought a Nikon Autofocus Speedlight SB-700.  It can be used on it’s own or it can be used with additional Speedlights if multiple flashes are needed.