Fixing my Favorite Sandals for Belize

When you find a pair of sandals (Tevas) that you absolutely love it’s impossible to give them up even when they are completely wore out.  This particular pair of Tevas got me through my solo trip to Belize in 2010, then through a few weeks in Arizona.  I also wore them nearly every day last summer in Washington.  Their last journey was Mexico in September.  I’m hoping they’ll make it through my second trip to Belize.

Here’s why they are my favorite…they are comfortable and versatile…they are perfect for casual and dressy (I can wear them with shorts on the beach or a dress out to dinner).

But, they are not going to make it without some repairs.  I dug around in the garage to see what I had that might fill some holes in the sandals.  What did I come up with?  Caulking of course.  I know that my Dad and all my other guy friends are probably cringing by now.  I tend to frequently use things for unintended purposes…sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t.  I won’t know for sure whether my repair has worked or not until I actually use them.  While I feel good about my repair job, I’m not stupid.  I am packing a second pair of Tevas just in case.

I will be posting an update on my sandals as soon I get back…I’m sure it will be a RIP posting.  This will be their last international travel.  🙁

Here is a similar pair to give an idea of what they looked like new (now that I see these…I might have to make them my next pair).

Before (notice the Mexico repair job, band-aids, are already worn off):

After (the repair dried clear, so they look a little better than this now):

2 thoughts on “Fixing my Favorite Sandals for Belize

  1. I love this post! I adore shoes but I’m very, very loyal! And a big believer in the cobbler. Keep us posted on your sandal’s condition. Don’t let it be a RIP post! They are beauties. Cheers, Theadora

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