Favorite New Zealand Sunrises and Sunsets

I previously shared my favorite sunrises and sunsets from Belize, and here are my favorites from New Zealand.  Technically, a couple of these are taken the opposite direction to capture the glow.

Bay of Islands Sunset

Sunset at Bay of IslandsPaihai Sunrise

Paihai SunriseRaglan Sunset

Raglan Sunset Raglan SunsetWestport Sunset

Westport SunsetWestport SunsetQueenstown Sunsets

Queenstown SunsetQueenstown Sunset Queenstown Sunset

2 Replies to “Favorite New Zealand Sunrises and Sunsets”

  1. They are all very beautiful, but I think by favorite one is the first one of Westport.

    • Glad you like that one Shelia…I nearly had to run to catch the sunset that night…dinner went a little late and before long it was getting dark outside.