December 27th – Shooting

The plan for the day was to get rid of as many of the steel-cased shells I could.  I accidentally bought them for my 9mm before I realized I couldn’t use them at any of the indoor ranges in Washington.  But we (Mom, Dad, Betty, Dennis, and I) first stopped by the Mennonite Bakery for breakfast since Goldborrow’s was closed (insert sad face here).

We didn’t get through all 500 rounds of steel-cased ammo, but we got through just about half of it before my 9mm started jamming.  It really needs to be cleaned before I can shoot it again.

After target practice we drove around Yuma Lakes and stopped at a pecan stand where we got all kinds of yummyness…honey, pecans, brittle, etc.  Then there was talk of the Peanut Patch so we stopped by there too.  It’s a peanut processing plant run my Mennonites.  We got even more yummyness here…sweet/hot pepper pickles (I know…sounds strange…very good), more nuts, homemade fudge, etc.

Then we were off to drop Dennis and Dad at home so that us girls could go to a greenhouse to find Mom a Myer Lemon tree.  By then lunch was in order and Logans was looking like a good option.  Stops at Best Buy and Verizon were on the list as well.

That afternoon I worked on packing and organizing my car for the trek home.  And, the evening was spent helping Mom take down her overabundance of Hallmark ornaments for the season.

I knew I was going to miss my parents and life of relaxation, but home was looking good too.

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