December 19th – Belizean Fest and Photo Show

Mom & Dad, Betty & Kenny, Billy & Maryann, Betty & Dennis, Ralph & Lois, and Patty & Bill are all troopers.  Not only did they endure my Belizean fest (more on that later), but they endured a 45 minute photo show.  Everyone was so nice and they seemed to enjoy it.  Dad thought maybe there were a few too many pictures of Mayan ruins.

The food was passable, but only because Mom stepped in and saved the day.  We had Beans & Rice, Shrimp Ceviche, Lemon Pie, Shrimp Kabobs, and Rum Punch.  The Shrimp Ceviche had too much lime and yet everyone ate it and even said they liked it.  The Rice and Beans (I swear I followed the recipe I found online) was horrible until Mom stepped in and added some flavor.  I put Creole seasoning on the shrimp kabobs before tasting the season.  The seasoning was so spicy I nearly gagged.  Fortunately, we hadn’t cooked them yet so we rinsed off the excess and re-seasoned them before they hit the grill.  It could have been a disaster, but luckily I have the best Mom in the world and wonderful friends willing to endure anything I threw at them.  By the way, no one complained about the food…not even Dad…well, I guess Dad wasn’t a fan of the shrimp ceviche but other than I think he liked everything.