December 16th – My First Full Day Back

My first wake up back in the United States.  It came way too early due to the horrible hotel I was staying in, so I found a movie to watch.  Around 7am I finally got out of bed and got ready.  I couldn’t wait to get out of that place.  I did take some time that morning to count my money…I was surprised to learn that I only spent about half the money I took to Belize and I paid cash for everything.  Yea me!!!

Mom and Dad (and Kinley and Misty…of course) got to the hotel around 830am.  We headed to breakfast at Cracker Barrel before hitting one of our favorite shopping destinations…CABELAS.

Once in Yuma, the day was spent doing the post-vacation chores…unpacking and laundry.  And, I even got a bit of relaxing and visiting in with Mom and Dad.  We had a quick dinner at Mi Fajitas and visited with Lois and Ralph.

I was so excited to be home looking at my pictures that I stayed up way too late (115a) putting together a photo show of my trip.  It was so much fun reliving all my adventures!

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