Coogee to Bondi

My new friend, Ebony, planned several things for me to do in Sydney and one of them was the Coastal Walk from Coogee to Bondi beaches.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Coogee to Bondi Coogee to Bondi

Ocean Swimming Pool

When swimming in the ocean just isn’t enough, how about a dip in the pool?

Yoga by the Ocean

I wouldn’t want people to watching me exercising, but a view of the ocean while doing yoga doesn’t seem so bad.

Me and Bondi

A view of Bondi.


Cemetery with a view.

Coogee to Bondi Coogee to Bondi


I saw lots of frangipanis in Australia. I thought they looked a lot like Plumerias, so I did some research and they are most definitely the same.


After a long walk an excellent fruit smoothie was in order.

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