Cold front Moving In

We have a cold front moving into Western Washington this weekend.  It’s funny how my definition of a cold front has changed.  When I lived in Alaska, it would be temperatures below freezing or even negative temps.  Here, the highs this weekend are predicted to be in the 40s.  I prefer to call my perception change “acclimation” and not “becoming a wimp”.  The truth is that the weather in Western Washington is damp and for me damp cold feels so much colder than the dry cold we would get in Alaska.

In honor of the cold temps coming our way, I thought I’d share some icy photos I took this past January (it was actually much colder than the 40s when I took these photos).

Frosty PineFrosty Foliage Frosty FoliageIceIce

One Reply to “Cold front Moving In”

  1. I always love the frost on the trees in Alaska and the twinkle that the sun would show us. It’s kind of like every tree is decorated for the Christmas season at different time of the winter.