Clever Travel Companion

Quite some time ago I stumbled across the website of Clever Travel Companion.  Their products looked useful, but it wasn’t until September that I finally decided to try them out.  I loved the “secret pocket” idea.HeathergrayW3_medium

I got the ladies underwear which come in “boy short” fashion.  The very first day I wore them, I was hooked.  They were very comfortable and the pockets are perfect for storing extra cash…something I’ll need for my upcoming trip.

Based on my experience I’m hoping to get at least one more item from them…the tank top.  Although I’d kind of like the long johns too.

TanktopsBlack_White_medium LongJohnscolors_medium

The only thing I’d like to see them add to their product line is synthetic options that would work better for outdoor activities.  But, that’s a minor suggestion and definitely won’t keep me from buying the tank top.

If you are looking for comfortable undergarments with security pockets, I highly recommend these.

Disclaimer:  The Clever Travel Companion provided me this product for free, however the opinions I’ve expressed here are completely my own and I’m serious about getting a couple more items…I like them that much.

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