Checking In From Ketchikan, Alaska

We left Bellingham, Washington on Friday at 6:30 pm and finally arrived in our first port today (Sunday at 6:30 am).  My dogs couldn’t have been happier to walk on solid ground.  I’ll write another time about the experience of travelling with two dogs on the Alaska Marine Highway System (ferry).

With little time in port, I wanted to share a few of the photos I’ve taken so far.  The weather on Friday and Saturday was spectacular making it hard for photos, but I’ll take that challenge to see what I’ve seen.  Sunday started cloudy, but there are breaks of blue…fingers are crossed.

Friday Evening Sunset

This was the only sunset so far.  Saturday night was too cloudy.  The first photo was pre-sunset and the second was just as the sun fell below the horizon.

AMHS - Columbia - Pre Sunset

AMHS - Columbia - Sunset

 Saturday Morning Sunrise

AMAZING!  I woke up at 4:30 am to capture the sunrise, but every time it was about to peak over the mountains we’d have moved on and were blocked by an even bigger mountain.  Then all of a sudden there was a break and the glorious sun was waiting for me.

AMHS - Columbia - Sunrise

AMHS - Columbia - Sunrise

Dryad Point Lighthouse near Bela Bela

AMHS - Columbia - Dryad Point Lighthouse

Boat House at Start of Finlayson Channel

AMHS - Columbia - Finlayson Channel - Boat House

View from back of Boat in Finlayson Channel

I have taken a ton of photos of the flag on the back of the boat.  There was something about the United States flag as the forefront of the amazing scenery that just caught my eye.

AMHS - Columbia - Finlayson Channel - View from back of Boat

Baby Bowhead Whale in Finlayson Channel

This little guy was having so much fun playing.  We were pretty close, but it was still hard to get any good shots.  I couldn’t be happier to have seen him.

AMHS - Columbia - Baby Humpback

Cruise Ships in Ketchikan

There were two ships docked and one coming in at the same time as us.  Fortunately the cruise line dock was separate from where the ferry docks.  These cruise ships definitely dwarfed the city of Ketchikan.

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines in Ketchikan

Carnival Cruise Line in Ketchikan

My Sleeping Quarters

It’s been so comfortable.  I’ll write more about the experience later.Sleeping Quarters


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4 Replies to “Checking In From Ketchikan, Alaska”

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  2. Great photos! How is the weather this time of year? Alaska is one of the few states that I have not yet been to but I really hope to change that this summer (Texas is too hot for me, I usually bail from June to September lol)

    • July is probably the best month. May can be nice, but it can also be cool…especially for someone coming from Texas. We had absolutely spectacular weather Friday and Saturday. Sunday started out rainy and then got amazing. It’s rained off and on today. I finally made it to “main land”. It was my first time in Southeast Alaska and I’m shocked by the beauty. We’ll see how the weather holds out for the rest of my trip. When/if you go, feel free to contact me with any questions.

      • I will most definitely keep you updated. The beauty is what I really want to see. But yeah, I’m actually not too worried about the cold’s just the hot that gets me. You can always warm up (jackets, blankets, fire, sharing bodily warmth, many things..), but you cannot always cool down (especially without AC or flowing water)