Caye Caulker – December 9, 2010


My first night in Caye Caulker and I was already second guessing my lodging choice.  I was woke at 249am (yep…to be exact), by yelling and pounding.  Apparently someone got locked out of their room.  They pounded so hard the building shoke.  I’m not sure if the girlfriend was mad and wouldn’t let him in or the person inside the room was passed out and couldn’t hear the pounding…although I’m not sure how they couldn’t have heard it.

I never really got back to sleep, but I finally got up around 530am to watch the sunrise.  I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be let down and I wasn’t.  It was so beautiful and made even more so by the silence (quite a contrast considering my rude awaking earlier).

Rachel and Caroline recommended Caribbean Colors as a great breakfast/coffee shop.  It was cute, but not my favorite.  I explored Caye Caulker a bit more and then found Paradiso’s for lunch.  Another wi-fi location to add to my list.  I IM’d with Mom for a bit and read my book.

By early afternoon I found my way to Mara’s Place dock where I tried out the hammock and then decided to sit in one of the dock chairs to read.

I walked to Raggamuffin to see if they got enough interest in the sunset cruise, but as I suspected there wasn’t enough so it got cancelled again.  I decided to do a bit of shopping, which really just amounted to getting a towel for my 3-Day Sailing trip.

At 5pm I was back at Raggamuffin for our sailing briefing.  I was so happy to find out there were two other single travelers and two single women traveling together, so that made five of us uncoupled (me, Deanna from Pennisyvania, Lakha from California, Erna from Holland, and Keith from Colorado).  Along with us were two newlywed couples (Rachel and Mike and Jenny and Mike both from London).  The rest of the travelers were Henry and Cornelia from Denmark, Veri, Nicholas, and their cutie little girl, Corine, from Sweden, Ann and Evan from Norway, and Tony and Lindsey from Colorado.  We were going to have a total of 17 adult passengers, one baby, and three crew members (Captain Ramsey, Captain Kamani, and Leon) on our trip.

I decided to try a fancy place, Don Corleone’s, for dinner.  My initial plan was to have a 5-course meal, but after my Caesar salad, which was just ok, I decided I was pretty full.  I followed that up with Tiramisu and a glass of wine.

My evening wrapped up with more packing and making sure that everything was charged for the 3-day trip.

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