Spring has Sprung

Spring at Luther Burbank Park

A week ago it snowed for the first time in Western Washington and today it was 64 degrees.  That is how Spring works here.  This photo was taken the day after our snowfall.  Since then blossoms have been popping up Continue reading Spring has Sprung

Kite Boarding at Juanita Beach

Kite Boarder #4 (low res)

This time of year Mother Nature is a bit bipolar in Western Washington.  Case in point… Yesterday during the day we had some decent weather then around 8pm it tried to snow (we’ve yet to have any snow stick this Continue reading Kite Boarding at Juanita Beach

Dock at Tobacco Caye in Belize

Tobacco Caye Dock

I took this photo on Tobacco Caye in Belize.  It was my final night on the Three Day Sailing Trip with Raggamuffin Tours.  This sailing trip was one of two major highlights of my trip to Belize.  And, it’s one Continue reading Dock at Tobacco Caye in Belize

Imperial National Wildlife Refuge

Imperial National Wildlife Refuge

Tonight I was thinking back to a vacation I took in 2010.  During that trip I spent some time with my parents in Yuma.  One day we took off and wandered around.  We stumbled across the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge. Continue reading Imperial National Wildlife Refuge

Bela Bela Lighthouse – British Columbia, Canada

Bela Bela Light House

In May 2012, during my trip to Alaska via the Marine Highway, we pasted Bela Bela, British Columbia and it’s lovely lighthouse. I was so mesmerized by it that I took photos both on the way to Alaska and on Continue reading Bela Bela Lighthouse – British Columbia, Canada

2012 on Alaska Girl at Heart

Pam and Sharon After Zip Lining

This year was a mixed back of highs and low.  It was a great year of growth for my blog and I enjoyed a lots of amazing adventures.  But, it was also marked with some down points.  Over-all I’d give Continue reading 2012 on Alaska Girl at Heart

2012 Week #48, #49, and #50


Having knee surgery and being stuck on crutches since November 5th has really hampered my weekly photo posts.  I have photos to share, but they are not great at all.  Still I want to end 2012 by not missing a Continue reading 2012 Week #48, #49, and #50