Canvas Prints For Sale

I am blessed to have been invited to display my photographs at Pogacha restaurant in Issaquah and Bellevue.

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*Scroll down to see the canvas prints available for sale.

Show Dates/Locations

My photos will be on display at…

  • April 27th to June 22nd – Pogacha Issaquah – 120 NW Gilman Blvd – Issaquah, WA – 98027
  • June 22nd to August 17th – Pogacha Bellevue – 119 106th Ave NE – Bellevue, WA – 98004

I hope that some of you will make it to one of the showings…and if you do, let me know what you think.

Canvas Prints for Sale

All of the prints on display will be for sale.  If you are interested in any, either email me at or leave me a comment below and I will contact you.

*Sizes and prices vary.  Contact me for specifics.


Bald Eagle at Deep Creek AlaskaImmature Eagle at Deep Creek AlaskaOrange Starfish at Deep Creek AlaskaHusky at Denali Nation Park AlaskaGrizzly Bear at Yukon Terriroty CanadaDall Sheep at Denali National Park AlaskaDenali National Park Alaska


Grizzly Bear at Olympic Game Farm WashingtonBig Horn Sheep at Northwest Trek WashingtonLuther Burbank Park WashingtonBarclay Lake WashingtonNorthwest Trek Washington


Japanese Gardens at Portland Oregon


Stormy Night at Hopkins Belize

Galapagos, Ecuador

Blue Footed Boobies at Galapagos EcuadorCrab at Galapagos EcuadorFlamingo at Galapagos EcuadorLand Tortoise & Bird at Galapagos EcuadorMarine Iguana at Galapagos EcuadorMarine Iguana at Galapagos EcuadorSea Lion at Galapagos EcuadorSea Lion at Galapagos EcuadorSea Lion at Galapagos EcuadorLand Tortoise at Galapagos EcuadorPenguins at Galapagos EcuadorSea Lion at Galapagos EcuadorVolcanic Caldera at Galapagos Ecuador


Machu Picchu at PeruMachu Picchu at PeruMother Child Lamb at Cuzco Peru






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