Something New: Building a Wall

Disclaimer:  This post has nothing to do with Travel or Photography, but it has everything to do with ADVENTURE.  To me “adventure” is a very personal description.  Anything that challenges is an adventure.  I often find adventure in every day life.

Since moving into my house I’ve wanted a dedicated place for my dogs to hang out while I’m at working, running errands, etc.  I had the perfect location…my single car garage bay (I also have a double car garage bay that I use for my car).  The only problem?  How to keep them in their area and not giving them free range to the entire garage?  The answer?  A wall separating the two garage bays.

Although I decided I wanted a wall, it’s been years and still nothing.  During my parents recent visit I mentioned it to my dad and he was willing to help.  In hardly any time at all, he prepared a supply list, I went to Lowes and scheduled the delivery, and we were set to start this adventure.


To say I’m not a good framer is an understatement.  The nails were long, the fir was very hard, and framing requires toe-nailing.  I don’t think I got a single nail all the way in (I did come close a couple of times).  Dad made fun of me, by writing on one of the 2x4s, “Pam did this one”.  It wasn’t long before he decided he’d finish the framing and hanging the door and he set me up to hang the sheetrock.

Hanging Sheetrock

Yea!  I was much better at hanging sheetrock.  My mom was a super help.  It still wasn’t easy getting the sheetrock screws through the sheetrock and hard fir 2x4s, but I did it.  Although, I did have to leave a few he hard to reach screws for dad.  I didn’t have the strength when it required reaching in at a angle.

Mudding and Taping

At this point I realized how amazing my dad is.  He built the home we grew up in…every single piece of it (including two spiral staircases).  Dad did most of one side of the wall to show me what mudding and taping are all about.  I did most of the other side.  The work was compounded by the constant up-and-down on the ladder and the fact that I had to finish the job after mom and dad left.


The last step of construction, before painting can occur, is texturing.  I needed the texturing to go well so that all my mudding and taping mistakes would be covered up.  I made a critical mistake on the first side of the wall and didn’t notice until it was dry.  I was applying the texture with a roller, and even though my dad warned me by explaining the proper procedure I applied the texture like I would paint using “W strokes”.  It looked ok at the time, but when it dried there were spots I had missed and spots where it was too thick.

On day two I took a more calculated approach and applied it in vertical columns keeping overlapping to a minimum.  I also purchased an pool extender so I could ditch the ladder (I was starting to get pretty sore).  The second side of the wall looked much better, so I reapplied the texture to the first side.  Success.

Final Product

The work is not completely done.  I need to paint, prepare the flooring, and get the area setup for the dogs, but the “construction phase” is complete.  I learned A LOT.  It was hard work and I have deep respect for all the construction my dad did when I was growing up at not only our house, but for many of our friends too.

I already know where I want the next wall.  I wonder if I should wait for dad’s help.  I’m leaning towards “yes”.

What About You?

Have you done a home improvement project that was outside your comfort zone?  How did it turn out?

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