Bon Voyage

It’s getting real…one week from tonight I’ll be getting on a plane, headed to Belize.  My first stop along my 65 day adventure.  In addition to Belize, I’ll be spending time in New Zealand and Australia.  Via layovers I’ll also have time in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Beijing.

Without doubt I will miss home.  I’ll miss my friends, my family, and my dogs.  Luckily I worked with my parents to get FaceTime and Skype setup, so we are hoping to stay in touch while I’m gone.  My dogs will be taken care of very well by their dog sitter who loves them dearly…and, they love her too.  As for my friends, I had some of them over tonight.  I really wanted to see them before I left and when I get back we’ll have another get-together so I can share my adventures.

This coming week is going to be a whirlwind of activity.  Getting the house ready, finishing up projects as work, packing, and last minute travel plans.  As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m both excited and scared.  I know that once I sit down on that plane to Belize a lot of the stress I’m going through right now will fade.  I can’t wait.

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