Being Independent on Independence Day

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the US.  Most folks I know spent it hanging out with family, eating obscene amounts of food (some even drinking a bit too much), and shooting off explosives disguised as brightly colored fireworks.

I on the other hand, spent yesterday alone (with the exception of my furry four legged children).  But, this wasn’t a depressed kind of “alone”.  It was a calming “alone”…at least until the explosives fireworks started.

My day begin by hiking in Wallace Falls State Park.  It’s a hike I’ve done before, but last time I was with a group of friends and we didn’t make it the entire way.  This time I was determined.

There are three different falls (lower, middle, and upper).  All are spectacular.  There are also a couple smaller falls and other great views of Wallace River.  Hikers have two options…hike the well groomed railroad grade to just before the lower falls or follow “Woody” trail which starts 1/4 mile from the parking lot.  Both meet up near Lower Falls.  The “Woody” trail meanders through the tall trees and is quite scenic.  For more information about the trail, check out Hiking with My Brother.

Lower Falls

Lower Falls

Middle Falls

Middle Falls Middle Falls

Upper Falls

Upper Falls

I decided to take “Woody” trail to the falls and the railroad grade back out.  My leisurely hike, which was frequently interrupted by stops to take photos, took five hours to go 6.5 miles.  I must have got there at the ideal time because I saw very few people even though it was a holiday and Wallace Falls is a popular trail.  Once I was headed back out, many more pairs of feet were pounding their way up the nearly 1200 feet of elevation.


Bench StairsSmall Falls

RockFern Forest

And, in case you’ve ever wondered…

Falling Can Be Deadly

After the hike, I arrived home to find two very nervous dogs.  The three of us attempted napping between explosions.  After a while I needed a break from the smothering snuggling.  So, dinner by myself was in order.

The day ended with more smothering snuggling with my furry four legged children, while my neighbors continued the neighborhood war of dominance.  I don’t know who won, but they all put up a good and loud fight until after midnight.

Even with the neighborhood war zone, I managed to have a peaceful and relaxed 4th of July.  How have you celebrated independence?…your country?…your own?

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