Bears Taking Over the Alaska-Canada Highway

I thought seeing bears was a long shot, but it didn’t keep me from hoping.  Imagine my surprise when I suddenly saw two sitting on the side of the Alaska-Canada Highway.  I figured they would run off before I got my sunroof open and wiggled my way through (there was no way I was getting out of my car).  Not only did they not run off, one of them turned and walked right towards my car.   He got within just a few feet and then I noticed he was injured from a recent fight (his nose) so I thought it was best to move on.  A few miles later, I saw another bear by himself.

The chances of seeing a single bear on my trip seemed unlikely.  I can’t express how exciting it was to see three within miles of each other.

Two Bears

Alaska Highway - Bears Crossing the Road

Alaska Highway - Bears

Alaska Highway - Injured Bear Walking Towards My Car

Single Bear

Alaska Highway - Bear By Himself

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4 thoughts on “Bears Taking Over the Alaska-Canada Highway

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    • I’d never get out of the car to take photos of bears…especially that close. It’s early in the year so they haven’t been out of hibernation very long and an injured bear is nothing to mess with.

      I had some photos of them and the cars showing how close they got to us, but I decided not to post them. It was so impressive.