Back to Caye Caulker – December 13, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, we left Placencia at about 6pm on the 12th.  I was briefed before I decided to sail back to Caye Caulker with the crew…the sail (actually motor) back was all about the crew and the vessel.  As far as the tour, it ended on Placencia.  Lucky for me the crew was so friendly that I felt like I was still on a tour.  On the motor back, they split the route into three different legs and each one of them took one leg while the other two slept.  They decided I shouldn’t sleep in the cabin because of the engine noise, so I slept on the bench near the wheel.

Leon took the first leg and during that time I dozed a bit here and there, but I mostly just chatted and kept him company.  The second leg was taken by Ramsey.  I think he got some rest, but I doubt he got much.  It was a bit rough that night and water sprayed on me from time to time.  I never really got comfortable or dry the entire night, but I didn’t mind much.  The third leg was taken by Kimani.

A couple of times during the night we had to stop the engine and open the cover.  The oil light kept coming on and even though they believed the light was faulty, they still checked it each time.

Part way through Kimani’s reign, the sun started coming up (about 530am).  I was already awake, but Leon had promised that he would wake me at sunrise so I could take a picture or two.  To my surprise he actually set the alarm on his phone and sure enough he got up.  How sweet was that???  I got my sunrise pictures, but they were just so-so.  And, they also gave me the wheel and took my picture ‘sailing’.

The three of laughed, joked, and listened to music while Ramsey tried to get some sleep (he finally gave up).  They even serenaded me which was one of the funniest things ever.  I just loved this entire crew; they kept me entertained for three full days.  Keith on the other hand was a complete party pooper.  He just kept his head covered up and ignored us and frankly we just ignored him too.  I’m sure he wished he hadn’t come back with the sailboat.

We arrived in Caye Caulker about 715am, but there was no one at the Raggamuffin Tour office to come out and get us yet (the Ragga Queen is too large to dock so it just anchors out from the shore a bit).  While we waited I tried to help the crew clean up a bit.  I’m not sure if I was much help.  They seemed to have a system and I might have just been in the way, but they were kind nonetheless.  It wasn’t long before the office found out we were anchored (maybe someone called them).  Keith and I were ferried to land and the crew stayed behind to finish cleaning everything.

My first task was to get a ‘real’ shower, so I headed to my room.  I was so relieved to see that everything was as I left it.  I figured it would be, but you never know.  After showering, I headed back to the Raggamuffin Tour office to make sure I was signed up for the Hoh Chan tour the next day and to get a picture taken with the Ramsey, Kimani, and Leon.

I don’t know (probably because I was on vacation), but I never took a nap that day.  I should have; I was exhausted.  Instead I ended up walking around town a lot.  I saw Ramsey eating Breakfast/Lunch and Leon zooming around town on a golf cart (the main transportation, aside from bikes, on the island).  I also finally got around to buying some gifts for the family.

I ended up spotting Leon and his ‘friend’ at Sorbe de Olas, so I sat with them for a bit and then decided to find the gal who braids hair.  Leon wanted me to go to someone specific, so he helped me track her down.

I dropped all my wares off at the room and then headed out to find a place for dinner.  I decided on Pizza Caulker and from a social perspective, it was perfect…the food just so-so.  The owner was behind the bar and I ordered a margarita but he was out of tequila (which was fine with me…vodka works), but then his bartender was gone and he wasn’t sure how to make it.  I waited.  While I waited, the owner and I chatted.  I found out his name was Greg and he was originally from Toronto, Canada.  He had only owned Pizza Caulker for less than a year.  He was really proud of what he was building especially his pizza crust (strange).  I ordered some pizza and the bartender finally showed up so I got my vodka margarita.  It turns out that the bartender had used Greg’s boat to take some customers out on a tour and they ran out of gas.  I got the impression that Greg wasn’t overly happy about it, but once again it’s so hard to tell if people are unhappy or angry in Belize.  Needless to say, the pizza crust was not very good but I lied and told Greg it was.  I couldn’t eat it all so Greg wrapped it up for me to take back to my room.

Even after dinner, I hung around and chatted with him and the gal who worked there.  At one point I wanted dessert, but they didn’t have anything on the menu so I went to fetch ice cream for myself and Greg.  Along the way there, I saw Leon who also wanted ice cream.  He decided he shouldn’t walk there with me since it was by the police station and he had been partaking in ‘illegal’ smoking.

I brought Leon back some ice cream and then headed to Pizza Caulker to eat my ice cream with Greg.  Greg, I, and some other customers chatted for a while and then I headed back to my room.  When I left Pizza Caulker I conveniently left my pizza that wasn’t that good behind (you’ll have to read what happened the following day in my next blog post).

I think I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.  I was more exhausted than I had been my entire trip and it was completely worth it.

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