Australia Adventures

Sometime between day 42 and 44, I’ll be traveling between Auckland, New Zealand and Australia Tour MapSydney, Australia.  I should end up with a free day in Sydney prior to starting my next G Adventure.  Click here to see all the amazing details of this 18 day tour.

On my free day, I’m thinking of putting on “my big girl pants” and taking the walking tour to the top of the Harbour Bridge.  Did I mention I’m a bit afraid of heights?

My G Adventure starts the next day and includes some of these highlights:

  • A wine tasting.
  • A sheep shearing demonstration (I hope we get to help).
  • Visiting a historic gold mine.
  • Swimming in an old quarry hole.
  • Walking to a lighthouse.
  • Whale Watching.
  • Another surf lesson.
  • Morning yoga (I hate yoga, but I’ll be a good sport and give it another try).
  • A walking tour of Brisbane before boarding the Gold Coast train.
  • A 4×4 ride.  Visiting Lake McKenzie, a rain forest, Pile Valley, 75 Mile Beach, Maheno shipwreck, Stonetool, and  Sandblow.
  • The Capricorn Coast train to a historic cattle ranch that we’ll stay at.
  • Sailing and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Meeting aboriginal guides to go spear fishing, visiting an arts center, and walking through the rainforest to waterfall.
  • Another 4×4 ride to Bloomfield Falls and the Walk of Women.
  • Another tour with aboriginal guides to traditional lands and historic rock cave paintings.

And, even more optional activities; some of which I plan on taking advantage of:

  • More snorkeling and maybe even diving.
  • Hang gliding.
  • Ballooning.
  • Whitewater rafting.

I have a couple of extra days at the end of my trip.  Is there anything else I should do or any other place I should visit (near Cairns or Sydney)?

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    • @Toby – Check with G Adventures (…they might know something. Sorry I can’t help.